you can easily do and get unbelievably wonderful hair.
Grow your hair, regain your  hair lost in just one-two weeks.Good hair start with good products,good healthy hair is more than a guide to having good hair without relying on harsh treatment and chemicals, and very wise reflection on the powerful role that hair can play in creating a positive self image .a products that you will never regret it.
 It does grow back well.moisture is the secret of healthy hair, In order to keep your hair moisture,grow long,thick healthy hair.Afro hair does not benefit from heat unless it is for deep conditions. It is best to air dry your hair rather than using a hairdryer, if your hair is natural,part your hair in to 4-6 sections braid them and let it air dry.never brush your hair with tiny hair brush.
Unlike black people's scalp don't produce oil,that's why you need good hair products like Na'mmunu hair growth. Always use wide tooth comb if you really want to brush your hair for best outcome.

If you don't know how to relax your hair,that will set you back for a good couple of years in your hair growth avoid breakage it is best not to use relaxer,you only apply relaxer to the new growth as applying it to strand that are already relaxed will only result in weakening the hair and inevitably lead to breakage. To avoid your Permed hair from breakage use na'mmunu hair products.
Hair comes in many textures and types. But one thing is true for all hair:it looks best when it's healthy. If you take care of your hair with good hair products,it will look great.  Filled with healthy fatty acids, vitamins B, C  which promote hair growth,  it improves the health of your scalp and stimulates hair growth, it carries oxygen to the hair it makes your hair stronger. Boosts hair growth, makes hair soft and shiny, gets rid of dandruff, it gives you soft nourished hair,it mand the hair breakage,repairs split end and reduces frizz,protects hair from heat damage,it improves blood circulation and provides the hair follicles with awesome nourishment,Na'mmunu hair growth contains all the nutrients that your hair needs.
      Most men and women  experience hair lost . It begins thinning earlier and some end up bald, some tend to lose their front edges, your beard is not growing to your taste, this is a time to rebuild, reinvent, become who you want to be, and love who you will become with Na'mmunu hair growth It does magic . the miracle starts immediately in different ways,give it a try and see the wonders, no more stress with your hair. Get good hair without using anything that contains  chemicals

First steps ... HAIR MASK:exfoliate your scalp to get rid of the dead cells and let ingredients do their job,it does wonders, nourishing the skin of the scalp and leave the hair shiny and healthy.
Direction:: apply the hair mask before washing your hair, gently massage your scalp for 5_10 minutes, cover your hair immediately with a small bin bag or your shower cap and leave it for 45 minutes to one hour or even overnight, you should feel slight warning effect on your scalp which indicates that your application is right. Do not apply  after using relaxer, wash out with your male shampoo and conditioner. Towels dry your hair naturally,use at least once a month for women,every day for men. Store in a fridge.
Second steps: HAIR OIL :you are embarrassed by thinning hair,if you have noticed an increase in hair,hair fall-out,if you feel that you are slowly losing your hair,now you can do something about it.based on these hair growth all your hair problem will dissappear : direction: Apply the hair oil directly to your scalp, beard,gently massage for 5 minutes and you are all done. First day use, you'll feel and see the difference.women use at least 2-3 times a week,men everyday,don't miss out, for this amazing hair growth is for you and its all natural,use for children, chemical free, Let's  keep healthy with Na'mmunu hair products.

For any inquiries, kindly contact us on this numbers +2349063595577, +2348134557331, +447448055677 .

Price: =N2500

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Snapchat: rpius20

Bauchi based gospel artist, singer and song writer Grace Yunusa delivers to us yet another lovely tune and awesome lyrics after her two successful album which she earlier released titled "its over 2010" and "Holy One 2016". And the lovely video of Holy One which she just recently released on YouTube, here she comes up again with another powerful single titled " Praise Him" beautifully produced by "Gwills" the song talks about praising the most high even when we are facing trials, when we are depressed, sad, sick, heartbroken and even when are happy we should praise the lord because the name Jesus is above every other names. She's praising him for adding another year in to her years. 

Psalm 117:1 

Praise the lord all you nations, extol him o ye people, for great is his love towards us and his mercies endureth forever. Even in the midst of suffering we should give thanks God. Forget about your pain, troubles, sickness, heartbreak, depression and praise the lord cos he liveth.

Come on! Put on ur dancing shoe and join me celebrate and praise him for making me a year older today.

Song Lyrics 

Praise Him

For God so love the whole world,

He gave his one and only son

He made our lives beautiful

Praise him all the Angels

Praise him all the people

Let his praises resound in heaven and on earth.

Praise is fitting for the righteous

We have his gift of righteousness 

Praise the lord, oh my soul 


Lift your voice o ye gates

Be lifted up, evalasting doors

Praise him, praise him, praise him forever.


We are the sheep of his pasture

He's the lily of the valley

He made our lives beautiful

Enter his gates with thanksgiving

Enter his courts rejoicing 

Bless the lord and worship him 

Praise the lord for he is righteous

We have his gift of righteousness

Praise the lord o my soul

[Repeat chorus]

Aya heh, aya hoh, aya hoh ooo

Aya heh, heh, heh.


Let everyone rejoice and sing his praise always

Let everyone rejoice and sing his praise.

Mz_toamez_gentr photo credits: Jojerah photography AIV promotions 2018

Rhoda Solomon popularly known as mz_toamez_gentry (born 20th september 1998) is a model, entrepreneur, and a dancer. Mz_toamez_gentry as she is fondly called started her career professionally in 2017 signed in as the official face of Tk_beauty_suite  which is now known as Tk_wigboss.
A Community Health Worker in the making
, hails from Oyo state, born and breed in Gombe state currently base in Bauchi, 
Likes:  dancing, modeling, traveling and going around having adventures, 
dislikes: lies and disappointments

 Rhoda Solomon's family roots are in Ogbomosho, Oyo State. She was born in Gombe state, north-eastern Nigeria,Rhoda Solomon is the last born of a family of five. As a teenager, Rhoda's dteam is to be a Model, she is presently in school studying Community Health.

toamez being featured in Tk_wigbosscollections, was also signed by Rzagi's Fashion in 2018 and hoping to do more because it's something she has passion for.

Rhoda has shot many personal dance videos  in addition to her modeling career, Toamez is presently pursuing an acting career.




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 The brand is built upon a daring and youthful urban lifestyle. . .designed to portray originality and a deep sense of connection to the root... The black boy collection is  the result of a  collaboration between Viti yabish wears and Alexandra finesse to create a monochrome brand (black and white) of clothing from carefully selected materials and simple prints... The simplicity they say bring out the beauty... Other collaborative credits go to victor(viti)  Mathew Maizamani, yo'lex, Bamidele and a lot of amazing young minds who believe in good and positive efforts. . . the black boy brand is beyond just a slick t-shirt or hoddie on joggers. It is an idea of what it feels to be real and original like the colours or personalities called BLACK and WHITE Currently having its production base in Ibadan Nigeria, the black boy brand has found its way into some stores around Ibadan and Lagos and is pushing its limits into abuja and to all the northern part of the country..


Hello Zagi's lovers! Its been a while here.  missed you a lot.

"Some succeed because they are destined to. But most succeed because they are determined to'

A determined person don't see the possibility of not reaching his goal when caught up with imposibilities, he creates a path that lead to success. Below are six (6) qualities of a determined person I feel you should know.

  1. Never give up: A determined person have a firmness of purpose and it resolve to achieve a goal . it is a fixed intention or resolution to overcome obstacles
  2. Finish what they start: A person who is determined set a goal , plan, work towards achieving and nurse it till the end.
  3. Patience: A determined person knows and understand very well that success is a gradual process that takes  time, therefore he doesn't expect the result in time.
  4. Don't need others approval: A determined person  knows exactly what he wants, and stick to it without dwelling on popular opinions, or regular way of doing things. They are mostly single minded and don't get distracted by peoples opinions prior to how they run there life or business.
  5. Unsatisfied: A determined person is always hungry; always on a look out to learn new things, be better and learn better things to achieve greater result. 
  6. Don't complain about what they cannot change: A determined person don't waste time deliberating on peoples character  or the boring program that aired on Tv at about 6 a.m. He carefully choose his friends and also set his priority.

Hope this is helpful, you can add more of the qualities in the coment session below.

I probably need to read this twice myself lol.

Thank you for stopping by.

Lemuel knight Allen po the street Legend is back on the mic kicking bars, life lines and punchlines. Lights Up is a build up to his forth coming project scheduled to drop in fee weeks time. 

                     DOWNLOAD HERE

Its obvious that some Nigerain youths are lazy but not all sit down doing nothing waiting for free oil money. 

Beehive based Singer The INTELLECTUAL BIG TEE composed a FELA inspired piece of art sauced with up to date quality production by usual culprit (CMAN) all Beehive based.

On this new song, BIG TEE address the popular socio-economy issues bordering him as a concern Nigerian.

The instrumental samples is top notch little wonder why CMAN is above most of his peers. Anyways no be long matter we come yarn for here.
Get your Big head phones and jam to this classic !
Get ready for a ride back to the 80's

 As the music industry in Nigeria continue to make ground breaking advancements in the international scene, it has become glaring that other supporting crafts have grown alongside. Today, music producers who are the brains behind the sound are equally gaining international recognition and have created an independent career line. Now we see producers releasing albums and hosting concerts that get sold out. We see producers creating brands and working with multi national companies as ambassadors pointing to the fact that music producers have successfully reached a level of independence in the industry.
   As the industry progress, young and talented stars have stamped their place in the industry making it clear that the sound trend has shifted to a more vibrant and youthful angle. We have seen the likes of young john the wicked producer blaze the trail. It did not stop there more and more amazing talents keep sprouting out every day. A few of which are worthy of note. I have had the privilege of interacting and working with one of the most amazing producers set to take over the industry. His sound is unique and deep reaching. I have not heard any sound of his that will not naturally put your grove on. Mark down the name RHYTHMZ beatwarrior, keep the name in mind and witness as the star blow up in your face like and airbag. Dude is already making power moves in Ibadan and Lagos and its resonating in other parts of the country. RHYTHMZ has already worked with the likes of oritse Femi and k-switch, he produced the now trending shaku shaku vibe by coldkiss a fast rising Ibadan based artist titled ijo thugger and as it stands, RHYTHMZ is one of the most prolific and sought after beat makers in the ancient city of ibadan. Once heard rhythms talk about himself and I noted these down "Im a perfectionist,  addicted to being perfect, i draw my inspiration from comic objects and the abstract life, Creative,  fast learner with an ability to impact and Leave legacy everywhere i Go"

I won't take one word off this, his works proves him just right as you feel the touch of a perfectionist from start to fin. Rhythmz is the next big thing and am happy to have know this dude. Join the movement now follow rhythmz on his social media handles to be a part of the revolution Ig: @_rhythmz,  twitter :@_rhythmz and on fb : Beatzby Rhythmz. Artist that want first class working experience can contact these guy I endorse him personally. . . so rhythms is doing something big question is what are you doing. I just hope you ain't sitting around doing I always say, if you are not doing something something is doing you.....YO'LEX