Mz_toamez_gentr photo credits: Jojerah photography AIV promotions 2018

Rhoda Solomon popularly known as mz_toamez_gentry (born 20th september 1998) is a model, entrepreneur, and a dancer. Mz_toamez_gentry as she is fondly called started her career professionally in 2017 signed in as the official face of Tk_beauty_suite  which is now known as Tk_wigboss.
A Community Health Worker in the making
, hails from Oyo state, born and breed in Gombe state currently base in Bauchi, 
Likes:  dancing, modeling, traveling and going around having adventures, 
dislikes: lies and disappointments

 Rhoda Solomon's family roots are in Ogbomosho, Oyo State. She was born in Gombe state, north-eastern Nigeria,Rhoda Solomon is the last born of a family of five. As a teenager, Rhoda's dteam is to be a Model, she is presently in school studying Community Health.

toamez being featured in Tk_wigbosscollections, was also signed by Rzagi's Fashion in 2018 and hoping to do more because it's something she has passion for.

Rhoda has shot many personal dance videos  in addition to her modeling career, Toamez is presently pursuing an acting career.




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 The brand is built upon a daring and youthful urban lifestyle. . .designed to portray originality and a deep sense of connection to the root... The black boy collection is  the result of a  collaboration between Viti yabish wears and Alexandra finesse to create a monochrome brand (black and white) of clothing from carefully selected materials and simple prints... The simplicity they say bring out the beauty... Other collaborative credits go to victor(viti)  Mathew Maizamani, yo'lex, Bamidele and a lot of amazing young minds who believe in good and positive efforts. . . the black boy brand is beyond just a slick t-shirt or hoddie on joggers. It is an idea of what it feels to be real and original like the colours or personalities called BLACK and WHITE Currently having its production base in Ibadan Nigeria, the black boy brand has found its way into some stores around Ibadan and Lagos and is pushing its limits into abuja and to all the northern part of the country..


Hello Zagi's lovers! Its been a while here.  missed you a lot.

"Some succeed because they are destined to. But most succeed because they are determined to'

A determined person don't see the possibility of not reaching his goal when caught up with imposibilities, he creates a path that lead to success. Below are six (6) qualities of a determined person I feel you should know.

  1. Never give up: A determined person have a firmness of purpose and it resolve to achieve a goal . it is a fixed intention or resolution to overcome obstacles
  2. Finish what they start: A person who is determined set a goal , plan, work towards achieving and nurse it till the end.
  3. Patience: A determined person knows and understand very well that success is a gradual process that takes  time, therefore he doesn't expect the result in time.
  4. Don't need others approval: A determined person  knows exactly what he wants, and stick to it without dwelling on popular opinions, or regular way of doing things. They are mostly single minded and don't get distracted by peoples opinions prior to how they run there life or business.
  5. Unsatisfied: A determined person is always hungry; always on a look out to learn new things, be better and learn better things to achieve greater result. 
  6. Don't complain about what they cannot change: A determined person don't waste time deliberating on peoples character  or the boring program that aired on Tv at about 6 a.m. He carefully choose his friends and also set his priority.

Hope this is helpful, you can add more of the qualities in the coment session below.

I probably need to read this twice myself lol.

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Lemuel knight Allen po the street Legend is back on the mic kicking bars, life lines and punchlines. Lights Up is a build up to his forth coming project scheduled to drop in fee weeks time. 

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Its obvious that some Nigerain youths are lazy but not all sit down doing nothing waiting for free oil money. 

Beehive based Singer The INTELLECTUAL BIG TEE composed a FELA inspired piece of art sauced with up to date quality production by usual culprit (CMAN) all Beehive based.

On this new song, BIG TEE address the popular socio-economy issues bordering him as a concern Nigerian.

The instrumental samples is top notch little wonder why CMAN is above most of his peers. Anyways no be long matter we come yarn for here.
Get your Big head phones and jam to this classic !
Get ready for a ride back to the 80's

 As the music industry in Nigeria continue to make ground breaking advancements in the international scene, it has become glaring that other supporting crafts have grown alongside. Today, music producers who are the brains behind the sound are equally gaining international recognition and have created an independent career line. Now we see producers releasing albums and hosting concerts that get sold out. We see producers creating brands and working with multi national companies as ambassadors pointing to the fact that music producers have successfully reached a level of independence in the industry.
   As the industry progress, young and talented stars have stamped their place in the industry making it clear that the sound trend has shifted to a more vibrant and youthful angle. We have seen the likes of young john the wicked producer blaze the trail. It did not stop there more and more amazing talents keep sprouting out every day. A few of which are worthy of note. I have had the privilege of interacting and working with one of the most amazing producers set to take over the industry. His sound is unique and deep reaching. I have not heard any sound of his that will not naturally put your grove on. Mark down the name RHYTHMZ beatwarrior, keep the name in mind and witness as the star blow up in your face like and airbag. Dude is already making power moves in Ibadan and Lagos and its resonating in other parts of the country. RHYTHMZ has already worked with the likes of oritse Femi and k-switch, he produced the now trending shaku shaku vibe by coldkiss a fast rising Ibadan based artist titled ijo thugger and as it stands, RHYTHMZ is one of the most prolific and sought after beat makers in the ancient city of ibadan. Once heard rhythms talk about himself and I noted these down "Im a perfectionist,  addicted to being perfect, i draw my inspiration from comic objects and the abstract life, Creative,  fast learner with an ability to impact and Leave legacy everywhere i Go"

I won't take one word off this, his works proves him just right as you feel the touch of a perfectionist from start to fin. Rhythmz is the next big thing and am happy to have know this dude. Join the movement now follow rhythmz on his social media handles to be a part of the revolution Ig: @_rhythmz,  twitter :@_rhythmz and on fb : Beatzby Rhythmz. Artist that want first class working experience can contact these guy I endorse him personally. . . so rhythms is doing something big question is what are you doing. I just hope you ain't sitting around doing I always say, if you are not doing something something is doing you.....YO'LEX

Bros,This Music And Its Business Is A Game Of TIME AND NUMBERS, I Have Followed Due And Never Skipped Any Process,I Have Been Doing This For 15yrs Now And Have Never Lost Patience. B.O.C Is Not The Only One Doing Well In The Hive,Anybody That's Putting In A Lot Of Effort Is Recognised,You May Not Know That,It Depends On The Circle Of People You Come Across,I Travel A Lot And I Meet People By The Day,They Ask Me About Artists Whom Effort Is Notable Enough,Not Because Anyone Is Special But Because Of Quantity Of Work Put In.Nothing Happened Overnight.I Have Hundreds Of Released Records To My Name And Have Never Relent,How Many Released Songs Do You Have Out There? You Have To Put In Work And Watch It Grow,No One Amongst Us Started As A Recognised Artist.No One Around Here Cares To Help,So You Have To Master Your Own Game By Yourself, What Good Would Social Media Endorsement Do To You When You Don't Have Work Out There To Vindicate That? You Can't Rush The Process,You Just Can't Do That. We Didn't Start In The Era Of Social Media And The Radio Wasn't Even Functional Enough To Make The Story Better,That Gives You And Upper Hand In This Generation.How Often Do You Explore These Options ? Please Don't Be Mislead By False Conviction. Nobody Owns A Record Label Or A Well To Do Management Amongst Us,Is It Not Giving You Hope That Despite All That Our Sound Is Heard? That's A Proof To You That "When You Do NUMBERS,Recognition Comes With TIME",No Man Has The Power To Deny Your Shine. We Don't Do It For Ourselves Alone Outside The Hive,The Aim Is To Put The City On The Map And We're Glad It's Working.Stop Feeling Isolated For The Wrong Reason,You May Have A Lot Of Records On Ground But As Long As You Hoard It No One Will Know About It.Just Put It Out,There's More Where It Came From. Let Not The Little Applause Make Us Feel Like We Have Arrived,We Still Have More And More To Do. Just Make Work Your Best Friend And Watch What Happens Soon. A Lot Of New Artists Coming Up,Competition Is High,You Have To Struggle For Your Own Space Not By Putting A Lot Of Expectations On Others,But By Always Been Concerned About Broadening Your Music Library And What Will Make You Outgrow Your Present Status . God Loves Us All And We'll All Get There. Peace!!!
If you are not growing, you are decaying. If u are not living, you are dyiny. if you are l not breaking, you are broken. If you are not winning, you are loosing. Harsh as it sounds, life does not give us more than two options to choose from. Life does not give us the luxury of standing on the fance. You have got to pick a side eventually. So if you are not on the way running you are definitely standing in someone's way and you know what happens when you are standing in the way. You get run over. Most people live through life trying to decide what to do among several options and end up tying themselves up. Y'all know you can't serve two masters and be equally loyal. You can't feed your laziness and expect your purse to get fat. You can't keep your mouth shut and expect it not to smell. Just basic a principle of life, if you are not useful to your self your are being used for someone else's mission knowingly or unknowingly, positively or negatively, directly or indirectly. Align your self with people that are going in your direction and move.the Crime is not to be poor or needy the crime is to remain poor or needy. The crime is not to flow slow the crime is to be stagnant. Successful people have found a way of making moves constantly simply because they realised life is a moving system and it has to keep moving. They dont wait to hear the news, they create the news. They don't wait for the job, they create the job. They have a perfect understanding of the continues flow system life is and make sure they run with the time and trend. I want you to get off your comfort zone, go finish that abandoned project, complete that song, if you have no job, volunteer to assist in the kind of system you wish to work in. Just be found doing something because like I always say, "if you are not doing something, something is doing you. . . good day .....YO'LEX