"Change is a gradual process"

You are the best change agent that can affect your life. Knowing fully well that every great change is internally generated before felt outside. Dont think it , work it. Below are the few out of many ways of being a better person.

Love Your Self: Self acceptance is the greatest tool for establishing a guilt free, fear free and doubt free life. You cant reach the point of maximum self actualisation or social impact untill you see the good things about your self. This should not be mistaken for greed or self seeking motives.  But a state of self esteem and unshaken confidence for ones abilities. Paying less attention to huddles, stumbling blocks,  person or physical disabilities, social or background, or any feature that may seem to be a limiting factor.

Time Management: Plan out your life and do things at the right time  We have 24hours a day , but  may still not be enough to fulfil one's desire. It takes efficient time utilisation to succeed.

Be A Good Listener:  With due respect to socially inclined and outspoken folks, the trait of excess talking may portray a less respectable personality. One should listen more than he speaks. Infact, only good listerners make a reasonable conversation.  It takes a greater sense of reasoning to know when to speak.

Temper Management: In other to be relevant, it is of great importance to tame ones anger.  The easiest way to loose your dignity and position is to succumb to an inner disposition of responding to unpleasant situations with spiteful words or anger. Control your temper and you will find life even more peaceful.

●Dont Jugde: life presents us with a thausand reason to hate or dissaprove other people, it gives us reason to criticise and see the imperfect side of others. These particular character will make people uncomfortable around you. Since no one is perfect, learn to put others in your shoes, to enable you see things from there perspective.

●Learn To Forgive:  Free your self of resentment, grudges, hates and all forms of unheathy reservations. let go to have peace of mind.

Be Generous: Yes! Given is better than receiving. You will never imagine the level of fullfilment that bubles through ones soul, by positively impacting others, untill you try. Live everyday trying to uplift and bless another soul. That is the main essence of our existance. Self growth and development in its most basic form is giving ones self up for the growth of others.

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  1. Very valid points there, especially the last one. You can include exercise as it does a great deal of good to the body and mind :-)

    1. You are right (smiles). Thank you.

  2. Great write up Zagi but I think (Integrity) is missing out, which should serve as part of being a better person our words should be our bonds, being straight forward with everyone we come in contact with in life.

    1. It's indeed a vital one. Thank you dear.

  3. Nice piece you got there. And another way is to master this steps.


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