Here comes the question.. why do women lie ? Well, your guess will be the same as mine!!

"I Rather Marry for love Not Money" 

In as much as money is not love, no relationship function well without money. Yes you cant choose your man based on how big his bank account is. But the fact is.. real lack of money can make life very unbearable, especially when he cant afford the little things. Encourage him to work harder rather than convincing him that you are comfortable.

"I Don't Care If He Cheats As Long As I Don't Know"

Which hell hole did that lie emanate from? come on which lady will like her man being shared. Just because you are scared of loosing him doesn't mean you are really cool with it. As human we are naturally jealous, stop faking the known jealous crab and face reality .

"I Cant Live Without Him" 
 Who said so? ladies get heart breaks everyday  but there has not been news of a lady that died just because her man broke up with her. Heartbreak is painful.  But you cant live without him ? Abeg! Give that a second thought.

"He's Just My Friend Nothing More"
ladies often friend zone guys knowing very well that their  feelings has steer up, they're like " we are just cool" But think of him more than any other guy. How cool is this? So many potential love stories has ended with this.

"All Guys Are The Same"

 Ladies often tell this lie to themselves, to create picture of independence from every emotional attachment, because of bad experience and terrible relationship , but deep down they know there's that special one that can fit in so perfectly.



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