This editorial is for the girls..  

I see relationships taking  a different turns this days. Girls playing extra roles and making certain sacrifices to get a man committed. Below are the certain things you shouldn't take:
1. Violence Attitude: for crying out loud, what sort of a man hit a woman? a gentle man treats his woman with so much care and respect.

2. Lack Of Apology:  your partner should be able to admit when he's wrong. i mean why should you allow yourself to be treated like a trash? Even if he pay your bills, you deserve some courtesy.

3. Non Visiting Attitude:  Men claim busy this days. Dont get me wrong, some are truely busy, but he can create time if only you are one of his priorities.

4. Failure To Introduce You To Family/Folks:  Its okay if you're just starting. But if you've been for quite sometimes,  then is important to know the people in his life.  

5. Dont Know You In Public:  hmm! Either he dont love you or he isn't proud of you. Sweatheart, atimes you just need to take a step back and put things into perspective.

6. Given Orders: For Godsake, he's your friend not your father. Is good to tell him what you will be upto , but not asking for permission. 

7. Not Calling/Picking Calls: If he stop calling for no reason, and you try calling with no response. He's  not playing hard to get but certainly not interested anymore. Let him be dear.

8. Paying Bills: I am totally against the idea of a woman taking full responsibilities in a relationship. Hah! Are you his ATM machine? Guess not. Of course, exchange of gift is vital When necessary.


  1. It's quite a good reminder. Thanks girl.

    1. You are welcome dear. I appreciate.

  2. It's refreshing most times we tends to forget that we are precious gift, as ladies and should be treated as queens not slaves by men.

    1. That's right dear. God will help us all.


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