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  1. Big achievers at every level and spheres of life from time indefinitely have always built their great success on either or both of sublime talent and hard work. In fact, it is almost impossible to amount to anything meaningful in life without either or both of the above. The combination of talent and hard work will transcend into ingenuity in any field or profession. Although, we have in the recent past seen individuals who have capitalized on either of both to thrive in their chosen careers or professions. We have seen people whose success can be attributed to unrelenting and staunch hard work and we have seen people who have thrived effortlessly in their fields, people whose natural endowment have placed them top of their classes, team or mates. These people do it with ease and precision without investing so much energy. 
  2.    The important thing to note is that both class of people end up successful, which supports the common saying "the end justify the means". In the long run, success is success, either hardly toiled for or effortlessly sailed into. That is why the comparison between icons like davido and wizkid or leo messi and ronaldo has grown into collosal arch rivalries that will not end for centuries to come since both in each case can sufficiently justify their success either on the basis of their hard work or on the basis of their natural giftings and skills. 
  3.     While some people respect the hardwork and resilience that motivates eventual success, others respect the ease of flow that talent brings to the table. The combination of both however has proven to be the most effective way to rise into stardom. Its quite unfortunate however that most talented individuals fail to Max out their potentials and some very hard working people exhaust them selfs without reaching the peak. One would ask why is that so? Well I am not God so I may not be able to tell exactly why, but I can say that talent in some cases have led to pride and pride have always gone ahead of a fall. On the other hand, hard work in the wrong direction has always led to frustration and frustration precedes disaster.
  4.    At the end of the day, what will be will be but I strongly suggest we all put In

  5. work in our area of giftings and the result may just be mind blowing...God bless you all..YO'LEX

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