I understand that you are in rush to catch up with that multimillion naira deal appointment, or to get to school or may be to get to your super cumfy work station or maybe you still on bed trying to figure what today should look like, what moves to make and what new to achieve. Whatever the case maybe I assure you that as long as you are breathing you are growing. Don't be fooled. Not all growth is positive some  growths are progressive and others are retrogressive. One thing is sure though, and that is the fact that change must take place. What matters is what you are changing into and what you change unto is a result of what you invest your time into. So my advice is let every minute in every day count there is no luxury in time cos the damn thing waits for no one. As little as possible, Learn something, be creative with your thoughts and actions, make moves and you may not be removed.
   Its a very bright day and am just hoping you are doing something because if you are not doing something, something is doing you.

.....have a good day .....YO'LEX

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