The story of reality television show in Africa has not been the same since the introduction of big brother Africa #BBA. the maiden edition, which took place in 2003 featured 12 contestants from 12 different countries secluded from the world but provided with every necessity for life and liveliness. The contestants are evicted one after the other basee on viewer and  fellow constants votes, until a winner emerges to go home with the star prize.
     After the 2014 edition Nigeria withdrew complete sponsorship due to some criticism and viewer discretion issues. This birthed the big brother Nigeria show #BBN in 2016 as a result of viewer demands. Big brother Nigeria show has since generated a huge amount of online frenzy.
   Big brother Africa has created many super stars over the years. Contestants have come into the big brother house as unknown and financially struggling individuals and have come out as public figures who thrive in different spheres of life including sports, entertainment and business. This people owe their success to the publicity they where provided while in the house even if they where not the star price winners. In a short while, I will be refreshing your memories of the past winners of the big brother Africa show from the first to the most recent telling you what they have been up to and how the huge money have been used.


  Charise was the first ever winner of the big brother Africa show. She left with the whooping sum of $100,000  on 7 sept 2003 after spending 106 days in the house. Charise had homely features which stood her out among the other contestants and was not sexually or romantically attracted to any other contestants In the house she rather played the role of a relationship counselor mending patched and cracked relationship issues. When asked what she will do with the star price if she won she said she will buy her step father a house which she eventually did. She has since then been involved in numerous charitable works in and outside her country. She has worked with UNICEF to further the campaign against HIV aids and have built parks to help promote children learning. She got married in 2008 and has since then been based in London,united kingdom.


Richard was one of the most controversial winners at the BBA while the show was still very young he was one of the few to dare having a recorded sexual affair with a fellow house mate. The public frowned at his actions but his cohort from Nigeria ofunneke molokwu told 'BIG BROTHER' in her diary room session that she was aware of everything that went down and has no regrets. Shortly after the show Richard stared in a nollywood movie alongside former house mate maryl and other notable figures in the Nigerian movie industry. He played a quite befitting role as a Playboy. He ended up having an issue with his fiancee following rumours of an affair with housemate, Tatiana. The rumour quickly fizzled away. Richard through his blog later revealed that he was taking a break off the limelight to concentrate on his family and marriage life.


  Angolan Ricardo David velancio was the playboy character like Richard before him, he was an all round ladies man and was unashamed of it. He was seen constantly flirting with housemates but never commiting. He was later seen in big brother Brazil but only lasted in the house for four days. Ricardo has since then been introducing the Angolan culture food and music to the Brazilian audience he could get but was taxed at a point. Ricardo after a while stepped below sight to concentrate on family affairs dating a young unnamed Brazilian Lady and is now based in brazil.


Kevin Pam was the first Nigerian to win the reality television show the same year, IK osakioduwa took over anchoring the show and the same year the star price was raised fromm $100,000 to $200,000, kelvin did not just walk away with the 200,000 star price but also found love in the Tanzanian born Elizabeth gulpta who he later got married to. Kevin Pam started his company he called down2earth entertainment and also started an initiative he tagged "jos bring it on" where he gave youths an opportunity to bring out their best and pursue a career in entertainment. The university of jos graduate moved back to jos where he runs his business one of which is the gupsy delight, a restaurant run by his wife and fellow house mate. Kevin also runs an NGO through which he helps young needy children.


Uti nwachukwu is another controversial contestant who had been in the house before 2010 but was disqualified due to his poor temper control that led to his outburst and eventual disqualification. UTI was however reinvited in 2010 to the all stars edition which he went ahead to win. Some believe that the demise of his father while still in the house increased his chances of winning as it helped him get the peoples sympathy. UTI is one of the few winners of reality TV shows that have remained afloat in the industry maintaining relevance in acting, modeling and cohosting and anchoring of events. The most notable of his efforts has been the cohosting of an African magic program called jara alongside  comedian Helen paul. Uti's sexuality became a news when rumours of an intimate relationship between him and actor Alex ekubo surfaced the alleged rumor was immediately trashes by uti himself in an interview. Uti has since then concentrated on developing his career in the entertainment industry.


The 2011 edition of big brother has remained one of the best and the only one to create two winners from Nigeria and Zimbabwe Karen and wandell respectively. Karen is an online personality appreciated for her appealing and unreserved personality while wandell is a trained pilot.
Two years after winning the BBA, Karen announced that she had cancer but by 2014 she was cancer free. That same year she married her long time fiancée yoroslav rakos  a year after they welcomed their first child in a hospital in new york. Currently Karen takes OAP jobs from time to time.

Wandell on the other hand, received an extra 50,000 dollars from the president of his country Robert Mugabe but his mother sued him for debts he owed her  he was also accused and arrested for bank fraud. He was however acquitted and has since then remained under the rader.


Keagan has not been so good with response to money and stardom. After winning the coveted prize he has lived a lavish life he even got involved in an accident that shattered his arm in 3 places. Fortunately he bounced back he furthered his education by getting a degree in business but since then has remained in his hometown (Capetown) to get him self.


Dilish is one of the most beautiful women to have competed for the prize and as most people think it helped boosted her chances of winning which she eventually did. Good news for her was that the year she won was the year the start price was increased to $300,000 but about a year after she wrote on her Instagram that she had finished the money on a couple of rolexes and tours around the world. I hope that is not true.  Didlish is currently dating long time boyfriend Steven gaeseb. In the business side, the beautiful lady has some real entrepreneurial skills that has kept her on the millionars team with a net worth of about 2.5 million dollars which sje made from launching her ice cube making business in 2014 and followed up with a lipstick company. Also dilish opened a restaurant in 2015 called bolstar restaurant which serve all kinds of continental dishes.


The 2014 edition of big brother Africa is the most sentimental of all and the most recent. Nigerians felt cheated when Idris was announced winner instead of his Nigerian counter part tayo faniran who received news of the birth of his first child while the show was still on. Tayo however received numerous endorsements after the show as compensation for not winning. Idris has gone back to doing comedy and radio presenting job in his country.

     All the above mentioned individuals have made their countries proud, they have made life easy for themselves and their families, they have stepped above mediocrity and have broke out of the yoke of obscurity and most importantly have made history. For that I am taking this time to salute them all. Am also using the medium to tell you that the sky is big enough for all to fly....have a good day    YO'LEX

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