I firmly believe that the way fashion changes is indicative of how a society or culture changes and evolves. Think about how the mini-skirt became popular in the 1960’s; this reflected the fact that attitudes toward sex and the female body were changing and becoming more liberal. So in this sense I believe our clothing and style changes as we change, as technology becomes more advanced, and as our attitudes change as a society. World events and trends also inspired the clothes we wore in the 1970’s, the hippy movement certainly sparked a fashion style. As I was growing up in the 90’s, I was influenced by many different things, and (I’m going to put it out there..) my teenage years were influenced by the rise in hip hop culture, this culture was reflected in my clothing. As a 16 and 17 year old, I wore basketball singlets and high top sneakers (cringe!!)
The way fashion changes also highlights our changing economy and environment. For example, the rise of ‘clothes swapping’ and sustainable, recyclable fashion has no doubt been sparked by the economic troubles of recent years, and our growing awareness of the fragility of the environment around us.
   I have done a deep research that reveal the fact that  fashion had constantly evolved at an amazing pace until the late 90s this was because we had maxed out our options and there was nothing more to reveal on women at that point where super mini skirt had been replaced by g-strings. The intriguing part formally was how much revealing your outfit could get but at that point the limit had been reached except going butt naked. So fashion for about two decades moved round a circle. Things however got even more revealing by the beginning of the second decade in the 21st century when nets started to trend on the television. This proved that the trend had only been dormant not dead.
      Why has fashion changed? The range of fabrics is huge now. The construction, dyes, and usability is amazing. And of course designers of fabrics and garments are not inhibited to try anything. Generations ago woman didn’t go out to work so. Competition is rampant. I must dig out an 80s blazer. I hope it fits as I noticed on a recent trip to Surfers Paradise, blazers were worn with everything and I think a well cut blazer always look smart whether with jeans, shorts or skirt. I’m a great believer in “it’s not what you wear but how you.
 Fashion has no limits as it changes daily whether recycled or entirely evolutionary there must be a form of change to it. And it takes only the brave to dare try it out.
    I feel its an amazing thing to be among those that spark up the trend rather than watch as it unfold.. ... Your boy YO'LEX

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