GIRL FALLS OFF PLANE, accident or intentional

A flight attendant who fell from the emergency door of a parked aeroplane in Uganda's Entebbe airport has died.
The woman died before the ambulance carrying her reached Kisubi hospital 16km (10 miles) away, news men qoute the hospital spokesman Francis Sekandi as saying.
"We received her from the Civil Aviation Authority in an ambulance, but she was already dead," he said.
Uganda's Civil Aviation Authority said an investigation into the incident has been opened.
In a statement it said the Emirates flight attendant "appeared to have opened the emergency door" and unfortunately "fell off an aircraft that had safely landed and parked".
Uganda's Daily Monitor newspaper has also quoted unnamed sources as saying the woman appeared to have jumped intentionally from the plane.
News quotes a statement from Emirates airlines as saying: "A member of our cabin crew unfortunately fell from an open door while preparing the aircraft for boarding".
The Dubai-based airline has promised its "full coopera
tion" with the investigation.

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