It's a bright Monday morning and as I look out of my window, I saw a man and woman most likely in their late fourties or early fifties, panting heavily as they ran down the street. Just then the woman who is about three times the size of Oprah stopped abruptly and landed on the back of her pants. I got interested, hope someone has not died on my lawn was the question that bubbled through my senses so I ran over to check. Thank God she was fine. They both bursted into laughter as I approached them as if I had been falsely alarmed the woman then said "boy don't get fat no matter what happens" as short as the statement was I reckoned upon it for a minute. I turned and went back inside thinking to my self how the hell do I avoid obesity that seen to be the end story of most people in Nigeria. Well I came up with some points and am sure that there is someone out there who will appreciate this useful tips on loosing fat quickly.

     Lots of people struggle to shed weight because they’re under the impression that losing pounds is hard work and demands a LOT of effort from us.
There is a science to losing weight but there are equally lots of myths surrounding how hard it is.
If you’re looking to lose weight in just 10 days, listed below are seven ways you can get the job done with no hassles.
1) Cut down sugar intake: This can be the magic tip that quite literally changes the game. Starches (carbs) should also be reduced as, like sugars, they stimulate secretion of the hormone insulin more than anything else. And when your insulin is weakened, it’s a lot easier for fat to run riot in your body.
2) Floss After Dinner: This is another good tip on how to lose weight in 10 days naturally. Flossing after dinner gives you a psychological edge in the battle to beat late night cravings. How? Think about it: When you floss after dinner, you’re less likely to want to indulge yourself in more food before bed.
3) Eat a Healthy Breakfast: Do you eat breakfast? Okay, do you eat a proper breakfast? If you don’t, it’s time to start adding a healthy breakfast to your morning routine as this can be key to you losing weight fast. It might sound counter intuitive that eating more can actually help you lose weight, but when you eat the right food at breakfast time – eggs, oatmeal, yogurt etc – you fire up your metabolism.
4) Drink Coffee In The Morning:Accompanying your breakfast in the morning should be a cup of coffee or tea. For many people, this is already a given. But if you wake up too late to even pour yourself a cup of Joe, it’s time to start getting out of bed sooner as it’s your morning routine that can decide how much weight you gain or lose.
5) Cut Out White Carbs: Another good tip on how to lose weight in 10 days naturally is to cut a few things out of our diet – such as white carbs, which are found in the likes of fried food, pasta, potatoes, cereal and bread. If you eat these foods a lot, eliminating them from your diet could see an improvement in your body weight.
6) Avoid Liquid Calories: Coffee is one liquid that’s fine but there are liquids that aren’t. We’re talking about liquids rich i calories and sugar that will only help you gain lots of weight. If you drink the likes of coke, lemonade, pre-packaged fruit juice and alcohol fairly regularly, just cutting them out of your diet can help you lose a fair a bit of weight in just 10 days.
7) Take Fruit To Work With You: We know what you’re thinking right now: “Take fruit to work with me? What?” For many people, fruit at work is a very strange concept. Isn’t fruit something we find in health stores and not at our place of work, where we’re stressed and munching on chips and chocolate all day long? What kind of crazy person takes fruit to work with them?! The thing is that fruit is high in natural sugar (good for energy), nutrients and low in calories and fat.

I hope some one got informed today... Enjoy the feat of your day it's that dope dred boy YO'LEX

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