If you are not growing, you are decaying. If u are not living, you are dyiny. if you are l not breaking, you are broken. If you are not winning, you are loosing. Harsh as it sounds, life does not give us more than two options to choose from. Life does not give us the luxury of standing on the fance. You have got to pick a side eventually. So if you are not on the way running you are definitely standing in someone's way and you know what happens when you are standing in the way. You get run over. Most people live through life trying to decide what to do among several options and end up tying themselves up. Y'all know you can't serve two masters and be equally loyal. You can't feed your laziness and expect your purse to get fat. You can't keep your mouth shut and expect it not to smell. Just basic a principle of life, if you are not useful to your self your are being used for someone else's mission knowingly or unknowingly, positively or negatively, directly or indirectly. Align your self with people that are going in your direction and move.the Crime is not to be poor or needy the crime is to remain poor or needy. The crime is not to flow slow the crime is to be stagnant. Successful people have found a way of making moves constantly simply because they realised life is a moving system and it has to keep moving. They dont wait to hear the news, they create the news. They don't wait for the job, they create the job. They have a perfect understanding of the continues flow system life is and make sure they run with the time and trend. I want you to get off your comfort zone, go finish that abandoned project, complete that song, if you have no job, volunteer to assist in the kind of system you wish to work in. Just be found doing something because like I always say, "if you are not doing something, something is doing you. . . good day .....YO'LEX

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