As the music industry in Nigeria continue to make ground breaking advancements in the international scene, it has become glaring that other supporting crafts have grown alongside. Today, music producers who are the brains behind the sound are equally gaining international recognition and have created an independent career line. Now we see producers releasing albums and hosting concerts that get sold out. We see producers creating brands and working with multi national companies as ambassadors pointing to the fact that music producers have successfully reached a level of independence in the industry.
   As the industry progress, young and talented stars have stamped their place in the industry making it clear that the sound trend has shifted to a more vibrant and youthful angle. We have seen the likes of young john the wicked producer blaze the trail. It did not stop there more and more amazing talents keep sprouting out every day. A few of which are worthy of note. I have had the privilege of interacting and working with one of the most amazing producers set to take over the industry. His sound is unique and deep reaching. I have not heard any sound of his that will not naturally put your grove on. Mark down the name RHYTHMZ beatwarrior, keep the name in mind and witness as the star blow up in your face like and airbag. Dude is already making power moves in Ibadan and Lagos and its resonating in other parts of the country. RHYTHMZ has already worked with the likes of oritse Femi and k-switch, he produced the now trending shaku shaku vibe by coldkiss a fast rising Ibadan based artist titled ijo thugger and as it stands, RHYTHMZ is one of the most prolific and sought after beat makers in the ancient city of ibadan. Once heard rhythms talk about himself and I noted these down "Im a perfectionist,  addicted to being perfect, i draw my inspiration from comic objects and the abstract life, Creative,  fast learner with an ability to impact and Leave legacy everywhere i Go"

I won't take one word off this, his works proves him just right as you feel the touch of a perfectionist from start to fin. Rhythmz is the next big thing and am happy to have know this dude. Join the movement now follow rhythmz on his social media handles to be a part of the revolution Ig: @_rhythmz,  twitter :@_rhythmz and on fb : Beatzby Rhythmz. Artist that want first class working experience can contact these guy I endorse him personally. . . so rhythms is doing something big question is what are you doing. I just hope you ain't sitting around doing I always say, if you are not doing something something is doing you.....YO'LEX

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