MEET THE FUTURE - Asogwa Sylvester

The entertainment industry in Nigeria, over time has created multiple factions, categories and sub categories. The industry has grown from a field of play for just actors and musicians to include a wide array of professions birthed from the above two. Now music producers, graphic designers, make up artists, models, fashion designers, sound engineers and more unique inclusions can fly their independent careers and make reasonable proceeds from their crafts. Among all of these one very special field has caught my attention and that is event planning and show promotion. It is not a headline or forefront profession but yet, it is the most important of all because at the end of the the day, regardless of your craft, you will need a platform to showcase and what this set of guys do is to create that platform and make a living off it. They play the background and shine the light on others  and get lit from the reflections thrown back.
   I have had the privilege of working with a number of event planners. my self have been in the job of creating attention and buzz for others so I can tell when someone is doing a good job in the business of show promotion.
    I will like to introduce you to an incredible gentleman who is already making ground breaking achievement in the business of event planning in the city of abuja and its satellite towns. Permit me to introduce to you Mr. Asogwa Sylvester Peter CEO of live event managers "LEM" an abuja based company that has hosted a number of successful events. Mr. Asogwa although very young has shown that age is not a factor for success. Asogwa is a graduate of economics and a indigene of Enugu state an entrepreneur who sees no limit in everything Mr. Asogwa's LEM hosted the popular valentine beauty pageant and has hosted a number pool parties around abuja. To work with Mr. Asogwa contact him via FB @Live EM
Twitter @Live_ Managers
IG @Liveevents__ trust me the dude is amazing and his philosophies are great.
   I will leave you this morning with this "If you are not doing something, something is doing you" YO'LEX said so.


  1. He is doing a great work! He is an incredible yyoung man with a great potential

  2. Wonderful wonderful wonderful ❤️❤️


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