Qaulities of a determined person

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"Some succeed because they are destined to. But most succeed because they are determined to'

A determined person don't see the possibility of not reaching his goal when caught up with imposibilities, he creates a path that lead to success. Below are six (6) qualities of a determined person I feel you should know.

  1. Never give up: A determined person have a firmness of purpose and it resolve to achieve a goal . it is a fixed intention or resolution to overcome obstacles
  2. Finish what they start: A person who is determined set a goal , plan, work towards achieving and nurse it till the end.
  3. Patience: A determined person knows and understand very well that success is a gradual process that takes  time, therefore he doesn't expect the result in time.
  4. Don't need others approval: A determined person  knows exactly what he wants, and stick to it without dwelling on popular opinions, or regular way of doing things. They are mostly single minded and don't get distracted by peoples opinions prior to how they run there life or business.
  5. Unsatisfied: A determined person is always hungry; always on a look out to learn new things, be better and learn better things to achieve greater result. 
  6. Don't complain about what they cannot change: A determined person don't waste time deliberating on peoples character  or the boring program that aired on Tv at about 6 a.m. He carefully choose his friends and also set his priority.

Hope this is helpful, you can add more of the qualities in the coment session below.

I probably need to read this twice myself lol.

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