The brand is built upon a daring and youthful urban lifestyle. . .designed to portray originality and a deep sense of connection to the root... The black boy collection is  the result of a  collaboration between Viti yabish wears and Alexandra finesse to create a monochrome brand (black and white) of clothing from carefully selected materials and simple prints... The simplicity they say bring out the beauty... Other collaborative credits go to victor(viti)  Mathew Maizamani, yo'lex, Bamidele and a lot of amazing young minds who believe in good and positive efforts. . . the black boy brand is beyond just a slick t-shirt or hoddie on joggers. It is an idea of what it feels to be real and original like the colours or personalities called BLACK and WHITE Currently having its production base in Ibadan Nigeria, the black boy brand has found its way into some stores around Ibadan and Lagos and is pushing its limits into abuja and to all the northern part of the country..



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