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Some weeks ago I was chatting with a friend by the name Nina, whom I've always known how passionate she was about catering and hotel management business. While in school, she made it clear that she was certainly going to set a place after graduation , she had all the plans mapped out and also saved little money for the startup.
On assuming the business has kicked start and already booming by now, so I ask how is the business going... And this was our conversation..

Me: how is the catering business going?

Nina: (laughs) abeg I done leave em, wan go lean make up now

Me: but why?

Nina: is a long story but let me make it short.

Me: ok..

Nina:A friend of mine that leaves down the street , visited me one certain time and stumble into my business plan.. Do you know what happen next?

Me: No

Nina: she went and set the exact thing I have on paper.. To let mine sleep was the only option I was left with, and you know how I hate the copy cat title.

To Nina and anyone going through this or a similar thing . Do you know the person that copies will either quite along the way or wont even do it the way you have pictured it in your head , Ask me why..?

  • Your long time vision and the part that gets you there cannot be stolen
  • When someone steal your idea , they usually stole the current market you are going after
  • Great ideas come through your own personal experience over time
People stealing your idea are the product of the passion and vision you display to them.
"You can steal the idea , but can't steal the creativity" 
That's a mentality of a creative mind and that alone should tell you that, you should focus on working hard rather than who is doing a similar thing.

Back to my color block dress details:
Removal peplum skirt: RZagi Fashion House
Shirt: Terminus market
Shoe: Jay-Meer conglomerate

Which woman are you.. Heels or sneakers? Drop your comment below.

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  1. Heel is my go to outfit anytime. Thank you for this piece.


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